Specialeffekter - Artnr 242

Artnr 242

Nitrated yarn 1 mm 10 m

The non electrical effects is a 1 mm wide cotton garn nitrated by acid and the product can be sensitive by static electrisity why the yarn is damped in water. After air drying 5 hours in 20 degress C the yarn is burning smoke less with yellow flame.
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Teknisk specifikation

Article number 242
Product Nitrated yarn 1 mm 10 m
Proper shipping name Nitrated yarn
Class 4.1
UN number 1353
SE number
Net weight explosive 1 g
Size product 1x10000 mm
Size carton
Size export carton
Weight export carton
Net weight, export carton
Safety distance in side 1 meter
Safety distance in height 1 meter